Products - Solvent Systems

Each of our solvent systems are tailored to meet unique reservoir and well specific requirements. We take the time to properly evaluate reservoir oil and water samples to ensure we have the most suitable packages.

MSA - Miscible Solvent Acid Packages

Alloy Energy’s MSA is a high efficiency solvent treatment designed to work in conjunction with any of our suitable acid packages to provide a two-pronged approach to removing unwanted formation damage.

MSA is combined with an acid package to strip off any hydrocarbons which may have formed a layer around inorganic debris, or on the reservoir itself. By lifting away these layers, it allows the acid to fully penetrate and dissolve its target. MSA can be tailored to additionally ensure suitable formation wettability once the treatment is successfully completed.

MSA serves to strip away co-precipitated hydrocarbons to allow acid to penetrate and dissolve mineral scales and other acid-soluble materials.

MSA is designed to leave the formation in a natural water-wet state.

  • MSA can be effectively combined with most acid treatment packages where hydrocarbon accumulation may be a factor
Treatment Zones:
  • MSA has been proven to work effectively in a variety of production zones

Mud Conditioning Packages

Alloy Energy’s MC-3 mud conditioner is a pre-flush designed to condition formations and ensure compatibility of acid packages with commonly used PHPA (Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide) drilling muds.

A proprietary surfactant package, MC-3 mud conditioner is designed to get the maximum impact from acid packages by ensuring acid compatibility with drilling muds that may be present in filter cake or fluid losses. Traditional acid packages may combine with PHPA and clays to polymerize, forming a dense, chemically inert polymer. MC-3 conditions the well and formation to ensure against the formation of these polymers.

  • New Well Completions & Drilling Damage Removal
  • Secondary Zone Recompletions
Treatment Zones:
  • MC-3 has proven to be effective in a variety of wells utilizing PHPA based drilling fluids

I-CON - Injection Well Cleanup Packages

Alloy Energy’s I-CON is designed to assist in the removal of typical formation plugging materials deposited during the injection or disposal of oilfield waters.

Injection wells present a unique set of challenges which need to be addressed with acid packages tailored to meet them. Alloy Energy's service lab works with injection well owners to narrow down damage mechanisms and tailor a complete I-CON cleanup package to effectively meet these challenges.

  • I-CON packages are designed to be our most comprehensive injection well treatment solutions
Treatment Zones:
  • I-CON packages can be tailored to meet the needs of injection wells in a wide variety of well zones

CeraSol - Wax & Asphaltene Solvent Packages

Alloy Energy’s CeraSol solvent packages are designed to focus on paraffin based organic deposits and high melting point waxes, breaking them down quickly and effectively.

CeraSol solvent packages are designed to dissolve paraffin and high melting point waxes that deposit and cause issues in flowlines or the wellbore. These waxes can often be difficult to treat, but with CeraSol’s unique blend of solvents, dispersants, emulsion breakers and surfactants, it effectively targets even the toughest wax deposits.

By softening persistent waxes, those that remain can be removed much more efficiently through conventional means as well – should it be required. Effective dissolution means reduced soak time, less down time and money saved.

  • Wax Deposit Removal
  • Asphaltene Deposit Removal
  • Emulsion Breaking
Treatment Zones:
  • CeraSol packages have proven to be effective across a wide variety of treatment zones

Mineral Scale Solvents - Mineral Scale Solvent Packages

Alloy Energy’s Mineral Scale Solvents are high-performance products designed to tackle difficult scale accumulation challenges through our site-specific approach.

GypSol-1: An environmentally friendly and non-toxic solution with the ability to break down calcium sulfate scale deposits and anhydrites without dissolving the limestone rock matrix. GypSol-1 minimizes aquifer contact in reservoirs containing underlying water.

GypSol-2: A scale solvent that can dissolve hard and dense calcium sulfate scales and anhydrites. GypSol-2 can be used as a standalone scale removal treatment or as an acid treatment pre-soak or as a pre-soak prior to an acid treatment.

BarSol-1: A high-performance barium sulfate solvent that can solubilize hard and dense barium sulfate scale deposits. BarSol-1 can be used as a standalone scale removal treatment or as an acid pre-soak.

SilSol-1: A high-performance silicate scale solvent system. SilSol-1 can be used as a standalone scale removal treatment or as an acid pre-soak.

  • Alloy Energy's Mineral Scale Solvents have proven to be effective in any application where mineral scale accumulation may be a factor
Treatment Zones:
  • Alloy Energy’s Mineral Scale Solvents are effective in a variety of well zone applications