Products - Acid Systems

Alloy Energy's acid packages are fully customizable to contain suitable corrosion protection, iron control, non-emulsifying, anti-sludge and surfactancy capabilities.

Each of our acid packages are fully tailored to meet unique reservoir and well specific requirements. We take the time to properly evaluate reservoir oil and water samples to ensure we have the most suitable treatment packages to minimize formation damage and maximize initial productivity following stimulation treatments.

HCL - Hydrochloric Acid Packages

Our HCL packages are compatible with a wide variety of our chemical products, ensuring that an effective, efficient stimulation solution can be created for your well.

  • Pre-Frac Acid Spearheads
  • New Well Completions & Drilling Damage Removal
  • Remedial Stimulation & Production Damage Removal
Treatment Zones:
  • HCL is effective in a wide variety of well zones

Spend Safe Acid

Alloy Energy’s Spend Safe Acid is a low corrosion acid system, designed to cause less damage to down-hole equipment and posing less danger to dermal tissues when compared to HCL and HF acids. It is most often pumped down the annulus of a producing oil or gas, effectively removing mineral scale from the near wellbore area while eliminating the need for a costly service rig.

Spend Safe Acid is designed to stimulate and remove plugging materials from near-wellbore flow channels and is comprised of a unique blend of mild reacting acids that can be tailored to maximize acid/oil compatibility.

Spend Safe Acid can be used in a variety of different applications and formations.

SSA - Sandstone Acid Packages

Alloy Energy’s SSA is a non-HF based organic and inorganic acid blend designed to remove mineral scale accumulation from rock flow channels – effectively restoring natural permeability.

SSA is a comprehensive solution that performs effectively in the temperature and geological conditions unique to Canadian wells. A blend of inorganic and organic acids, SSA does not affect the cementing material of sandstone formations and doesn’t rely on dangerous nor formation damaging hydrofluoric acid.

Alloy Energy's Sandstone Acid treatments have been proven effective in a variety of sandstone reservoirs and can be tailored to specific well conditions with the combination of additional surfactant and inhibitor packages.

  • New Well Completions & Drilling Damage Removal
  • Producing Sandstone Scale Removal
  • Injection Sandstone Scale Removal
Treatment Zones:
  • Cardium
  • Viking
  • Belly River
  • Mannville Sands
  • Charlie Lake
  • Halfway
  • Gething-Bluesky
  • Keg River Sand
  • Granite Wash

ERA - Extended Reaction Acid Packages

Alloy Energy’s ERA packages are designed to spend slowly in formation, penetrating live acid deeper into carbonate reservoirs for an improved wormhole network and greater connectivity of porosity and permeability.

Designed to maintain strength and penetrate deeper into well reservoirs, ERA actively dissolves material even at extremities – ensuring good wormhole conductivity throughout the entire treatment radius.

Created with our Made for Canada philosophy, ERA can be tailored for hot (>80c) and cold (<60c) wells. ERA can be used effectively with our other treatment packages to create a fully tailored solution to unique well requirements and challenges.

  • New Well Completions & Drilling Damage Removal
  • Oil Well Production Remediation
  • Injection Well Remediation
  • Gas Well Production Remediation
Treatment Zones:
  • Beaverhill Lake
  • Pekisko
  • Banff
  • Elkton – Shunda
  • Leduc
  • Nisku
  • Winterburn

LDA - Low Density Acid Packages

Alloy Energy’s LDA is designed to provide a further margin of safety when stimulation treatments are taking place close to water bearing zones.

Our Low Density Acid packages have a controlled density allowing them to float above denser formation brines and specifically target lighter oil bearing zones without the use of expensive diverter or coiled tubing isolation.

The density of our Low Density Acid packages can be controlled to allow it to “float” above denser formation brines. It specifically targets lighter oil-bearing zones without the use of expensive diverter or coiled tubing isolation/operation.

  • Treating carbonate reservoirs with underlying water
  • Producing oil & gas well remediation
Treatment Zones:
  • LDA is effective in a variety of well zones

FLA - Floating Acid Packages

Additional safety when stimulating water bearing zones is a concern, Alloy Energy’s FLA is designed to effectively penetrate and stimulate the reservoir while staying above water bearing zones.

Our Floating Acid system has reduced density and ensures that treatments stay above the reservoir’s water barrier, stimulating only oil-bearing zones. By selectively stimulating oil bearing zones, it is possible to limit costly water breakthrough and avoid expensive water shutoff or remedial cement treatments.

  • Treating carbonate reservoirs with underlying water
  • Producing oil & gas well remediation
Treatment Zones:
  • FLA is effective in a variety of well zones