Who is Alloy?


Don Luft
Founder & President

Don started in the oil & gas industry in 1972. He spent 23 years with Nowsco Well Service where he held various operations positions across numerous service lines and R&D projects progressing through the management ranks and becoming part of its senior management team. Don decided to leave Nowsco to build his own service company, which is what led him to found the modern day Trican Well Service Ltd. He recruited the senior management team and other key employees that led to the IPO of Trican on the TSX in 1996 and turned it into a global company operating in 12 countries with over 6,700 employees and a peak market capitalization of over $3 billion. Don served as a Director and COO of Trican from the initiation of the public company and was its President and COO when he retired in the spring of 2016. Following a brief retirement, Don started a consulting firm in fall 2016, mentoring technology-driven energy companies looking to expand internationally. Don is now excited to have founded another business and build the next generation of a Canadian energy service and technology company.

Sam Robb
Operations Manager

Sam started in the industry in 1982 with 14 years working for Nowsco Well Service then BJ Services for a further 15 years before joining Trican Well Service for 7 years. He gained valuable experience in the pumping services industry and related service lines of fracturing, cement, acid, nitrogen, coil and coiled tubing underbalanced/directional drilling and coil tubing tools. Sam’s experience included working in Canada, Algeria, Gabon, Scotland, Columbia, Holland and the USA. Sam has worked in the field up to senior management positions throughout his career giving him a well-rounded appreciation and skill set of the pumping services industry worldwide. Sam has also consulted for the coil industry in Turkey as an operational logistics and downhole specialist as well for Global Dynamics as a project manager developing new technologies and processes.