Alloy Energy provides services for Western Canadian oil and gas producers, specializing in site specific solutions through diligent lab work, accurate problem analysis and hands-on experience. Our reservoir to facilities perspective and Made for Canada philosophy translates to increased oil and gas productivity along with greater treatment successes.

Well Stimulations & Production Remediation

Alloy Energy offers a wide range of site specific acid, solvent and surfactant treatment services.

The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin contains diverse, maturing reservoirs, many requiring consideration for their unique characteristics. When these reservoirs under perform due to drilling, completions or production formation damage, Alloy Energy applies the right cleaning solution and treating procedures to restore Oil & Gas productivity to its fullest potential.

Production Maintenance

A production maintenance program ensures the continued efficiency and productivity of a wellsite.

Establishing a production maintenance program following a successful stimulation or remediation treatment reduces the risk of recurring formation damage and other common problems that reduce the production of Canadian wells.

Water Injection & Disposal Well Cleanup

Alloy Energy's chemical stimulation services for injection and disposal wells will restore injectivity, allowing properly maintained reservoir pressure and reducing power costs.

Injection and disposal wells pose a unique set of challenges. Our injection and disposal well cleanup treatments address the most common issues seen in these wells - such as oil carryover, emulsions and scale deposition - leaving the reservoir clean and in a natural water-wet state.

Industrial Chemical Cleaning

Alloy Energy offers ICC services to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Our line of industrial chemical cleaning products and in-depth understanding of production facilities ensures a complete cleaning solution. We offer ICC services for gas plants, oil batteries, oil tank farms, oil refineries, pipelines, pulp & paper, and petrochemical plants.

Integrated Lab Services

Dynamic diagnostic processes set the Alloy Energy lab apart from the rest.

As leaders in production optimization for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, we offer the right balance between innovation and experience in our lab, in our products and in our services.

Production Treating Chemicals

Production Treating Chemical solutions that begin with an understanding of the problems.

Our diagnostic approach allows us to apply the right chemicals to the right locations in your production facility or wellbore to remedy challenges and problems in Oil & Gas production.